2021 Celebration of Scholarship

Week of April 5, 2021

The 2021 Celebration of Scholarship schedule includes a week of recordings of scholarly oral presentations by Shawnee State University students, along with a live session for those students nominated for the Trustees' Award to share their work.

Please feel free to explore the sessions below to see the excellent scholarship our students have worked on over the last academic year.

Thank you to the following people who helped to make this event possible:

  • President Jeff Bauer
  • Provost Sunil Ahuja
  • Dean Paul Madden
  • Dean Jennifer Pauley
  • Director of Marketing and Communications Liz Blevins
  • Director of the Library Marla Beebe
  • Deb Howell
  • Amber Montavon
  • Jeremy Reed
  • Anna Trankina
  • Most of all thank you to the students and their faculty mentors for their hard work over the last year on these scholarly endeavors!


    The Coordinating Committee:

  • Erik Larson, Chair
  • Kristi Darnell
  • Alicia Fink
  • Suzanne Johnson-Varney
  • Ann Linden
  • Leila Lomashvili
  • Barry Lucas
  • Jennifer Napper
  • John Roush
  • Marc Scott
  • Pat Spradlin
  • Browse the contents of 2021 Celebration of Scholarship:

    Trustees Award Session
    Friday, 4/9/2021
    Thursday, 4/8/2021
    Wednesday, 4/7/2021
    Tuesday, 4/6/2021
    Monday, 4/5/2021