Welcome to the presentations for 4/6/2021!

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Addressing sexuality and sexual education for adults with intellectual disabilities: Perspectives of Ohio occupational therapy practitioners

John Alvey, Shawnee State University
Mackenzie Fox, Shawnee State University
Jesse Scherer, Shawnee State University
Leshae King, Shawnee State University

Case Study

Samantha Vallance, Shawnee State University
Schylur Evans, Shawnee State University
Kevin Carver, Shawnee State University

Determination of Bacterial Gelatinase Production By Zymography

Allen Barnhart

Effects of Stress on College Students

Morgan Storey
Levi Bentley

Finding A Research Topic: Staphylococcal Response To Stress

Isaac C. Blaine, Shawnee State University
Jacob A. Hensley, Shawnee State University

How Does Class Size Effect Student Success in a High School Math Class?

Megan MacIvor

How to Motivate IEP Students to Complete Online Assignments

Megan Mitchell

Is Homework A Valuable Strategy for Learning?

Catherine Johnson

Student Motivation in the COVID-19 Classroom

Kaylee Goode

Supporting Meaningful Engagement in Hospice Care Centers: A Program Evaluation, Phase 2

Elaina Davenport, Shawnee State University
Brian Harrington, Shawnee State University
Drew Pool, Shawnee State University
Braylie Spencer, Shawnee State University

The Correlation Of Learning Styles and Grades

Nathan White

The Road to Recovery

Kyra Donini
Sierra Ireton