Welcome to the presentations for 4/9/2021!

Click on each presentation title to open the presentation to view the abstract and the recording of the student(s) giving the presentation. You can either watch the presentation on the webpage or you may download it by clicking the download button on the top right of the page.



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An Investigation of Arthropod Assemblages on Flowering Wingstem

Angel Haller

Covid-19 Patient Case Study

Abbi Fox
Kylie Fannin
Cristen Thompson

Effect of Metformin on Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells

Jacob F. Kielmar, Shawnee State University
Aaron C. Phipps, Shawnee State University

Examining the use of Canadian Occupational Performance Measure for people with Substance Use Disorders

Brian Stephenson

Perceptions of Juvenile Court Staff Regarding Occupational Functioning of Adjudicated Youth with History of Substance Use

Taylor G. Ingram
Elizabeth Beattey
Zachary Shope
Jaclyn Strohmeyer
Jerrit Crosier

Perspectives on Extraterrestrial (alien) Civilizations

John Bays
Brian Richards, Shawnee State University

Strategic Marketing Proposal for Setters, CPA & Company

Madison Campbell
Nathan Lowe
Owen Reeher

Teratogenic effect of diphenhydramine on chick embryonic development.

Tanner Arey

The Benefits of CBD Regarding Oral Health

Brianna McNeal
Mollie Ferrar
Kayleigh Carver
Alyssa Proehl

The Effect of Online/Blended Learning on Student Motivation

Aaron Wolf

The Role of Technology-based Instructions in Improving the Literacy Skills of 7th Grade Language Arts Classroom

Xunzi Liu

Various Writing Strategies Improve Grades and Student’s Writing Attitude

Casey Lapp