Trustees Award Session


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Celebration of Scholarship

Mason Goode

This paper aims to identify a better understanding of students through the use of visual listening in viewing student artwork. Honing in on how each student responds through the art-making process when given a word. There is a possibility that there is a connection between childrens’ subject matter in their artworks and what may be going on in those children's lives. Children have a limited vocabulary, and may create artworks to help express themselves and emotions that they feel. This paper will be studying the responses of students when asked to complete an artwork based on given words. The results will be categorized based on the students’ responses. This paper will hopefully provide more information as a supplementary reference in the pursuit of further research in children's emotions and traumas as exemplified in their artworks.

Host selection and behavioral competition in the parasitic vine, Dodder (Cuscuta gronovii)

April Wolfe

The parasitic weed, Dodder (Cuscuta gronovii.), is a holo-parasitic vine that does not perform photosynthesis, yet it invades a number of potential host species. The mechanisms responsible for ensuring tight adhesion to the wide variety of host surfaces have yet to be identified. It is understood that Cuscuta gronovii must attach to a host within 10-15 days of sprouting to survive. This research study aims to investigate host selection preferences of Cuscuta gronovii seedlings when presented with plants, both preferred hosts and non-hosts, that have been subjected to prior Cuscuta parasitism and plants that have not. The goals from this analysis, are to bring a greater understanding to the competition mechanisms behind Cuscuta parasitism host selection and how the presence of other previously established individuals influences those.