Submissions from 2019


Root Suppletion and the Theory of Allomorphic Locality, Leila Lomashvili

Submissions from 2018

Foxc2 is required for proper cardiac neural crest cell migration, outflow tract septation, and ventricle expansion, Kimberly E. Inman, C D. Caiaffa, K R. Melton, L L. Sandell, A Archilleos, T Kume, and P A. Trainor

Submissions from 2016

Minimizing the Long-term Effects of Ionizing Radiation in Pediatric Computed Tomography Examinations, Kristina Darnell and Gary Morrison

#WeAreTrayvonMartin: the racially packaged NBA commodity and the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, Sean Dunne

Submissions from 2015

Supporting volition of people with dementia: Innovative use of the Intentional Relationship Model, Christine Raber

Submissions from 2014

Strontium isotope (87Sr/86Sr) stratigraphy of Ordovician bulk carbonate: Implications for preservation of primary seawater values, Cole T. Edwards, Matthew R. Saltzman, Stephen A. Leslie, Stig M. Bergstrom, Alexa R C Sedlacek, Amanda Howard, Jeffrey Bauer, Walter C. Sweet, and Seth A. Young

Calibration of a conodont apatite-based Ordovician 87Sr/86Sr curve to biostratigraphy and geochronology: Implications for stratigraphic resolution, Matthew R. Saltzman, Cole T. Edwards, Stephen A. Leslie, Gary S. Dwyer, Jeffrey Bauer, John E. Repetski, Anita G. Harris, and Stig M. Bergstrom

Submissions from 2012

Stochastic Approximation Method for Fixed Point Problems, Ya I. Alber, C E. Chidume, and Jinlu Li

Submissions from 2011

Mozi's Moral Theory: Breaking the Hermeneutical Stalemate, Daniel Johnson

Submissions from 2010

Conodonts and Conodont Biostratigrapy of the Joins and Oil Creek Formations, Arbuckle Mountains, South-central Oklahoma, Jeffrey Bauer

Submissions from 2007

The Connection Between the Metric and Generalized Projection Operators in Banach Spaces, Yakov Alber and Jin Lu Li

Submissions from 2000

Singular Points and an Upper Bound of Medians in Upper Semimodular Lattices, Jinlu Li

Submissions from 1998

Random Trilinear Forms and the Schur Multiplication of Tensors, Ibrahim Almasri, Jinlu Li, and Andrew Tonge

Submissions from 1994

Conodonts from the Bromide Formation (Middle Ordovician), south-central Oklahoma, Jeffrey Bauer

Submissions from 1989

Conodont biostratigraphy and paleoecology of Middle Ordovician rocks in eastern Oklahoma, Jeffrey Bauer