Anticipated Date of Graduation

Summer 2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences



First Advisor

Douglas Darbro


This study analyzed the effectiveness of certain academic and personal factors such as: ACT score, College Credit Plus status, declaration of a STEM major, and the reception of scholarships to predict a student’s academic success in college. Academic success was measured as receiving a passing grade (A – C) in an entry level statistics class. The hypotheses were the higher a students’ ACT score the more likely they would be to succeed and College Credit Plus and STEM students would also be more likely to succeed than those students not enrolled in the programs. After an analysis including 1349 students, the results of the study indicate that not only are students with high ACT scores more likely to succeed, so are those who are enrolled in College Credit Plus and those in a STEM major. Other factors like age and gender also proved to be statistically significant in these analyses. Colleges and Universities could use this information to further provide necessary support and allocate resources to those students identified to be less likely to succeed.

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Mathematics Commons