Anticipated Date of Graduation

Summer 2019

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Degree Name

Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences



First Advisor

Douglas Darbro


As post-secondary institutions look to reform remediation in mathematics, the concept of co-requisite remediation has been widely discussed. This is especially important for community colleges and other open access institutions who receive a large percentage of students that are not yet ready for the college level material. This study observed two years of students at Marion Technical College who received remediation in one of two styles: pre-requisite and co-requisite remediation. This study looked at a STEM course and Non-STEM course. Using logistic regression the study sought to predict the success of students using the remediation style received among other demographic and academic variables. Results were mostly inconclusive, however there is evidence that students who received co-requisite remediation performed as well or better than students who received pre-requisite remediation, supporting theories that it is more efficient for students to receive co-requisite remediation in a college course rather than work on pre-requisite courses that are not at the college level before enrolling in a college course.

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Mathematics Commons