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Summer 2022

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Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences


Mathematical Sciences

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Douglas Darbro


Public education at all levels has sustained a torrent of modulation in recent years, most notably due to the repercussions from the Covid-19 global pandemic. Schools are offering more remote/online options for students as well as utilizing hybrid curriculums taking advantage of the evermore widespread availability of technology and connectivity, even in our more rural school districts. The ramifications of these modifications to the traditional classroom setting are still unknown, and as such many areas of the public education system need to be closely monitored. One such area would be extracurricular opportunities for students, especially those opting for remote/hybrid curriculums. It is well researched that there are positive academic, social, emotional, and physical effects associated with participation in extracurricular activities. This study will focus on the academic benefits, in an effort to provide information to school districts and parents so they may make informed decisions regarding the allocation of their time and resources. The focus of this study is to determine if participation in fine-arts, athletics, or both fine-arts and athletics extracurricular activities is predicting academic success as measured by student grade-point averages and student composite ACT scores. A secondary inquiry for this study is to then compare the effects of involvement in athletics and fine-arts to determine if one type of participation is reaping a more positive response with respect to academic success. To answer these questions, data were collected from the Hillsboro High School Class of 2022 on extracurricular involvement, GPA, and ACT. The data were then analyzed using statistical methods to answer the main questions listed above. This study could be the first of many to further compare various types of extracurricular activities to determine how comparable their academic effects are. The results of this study are examined in great detail in this study, however, the well-established connection of involvement predicting academic success from many similar studies in high schools is echoed by this study. Certainly, there is a positive connection between involvement in activities outside of the normal curriculum of Hillsboro High School and the academic success rates of those students.

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