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Summer 2022

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Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences


Mathematical Sciences

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Douglas Darbro


The study was conducted at a rural Appalachia high school that is in the northern part of Appalachia. Research on students from Appalachia is difficult to find. The research wanted to see if any relationships occurred between students’ self-esteem, attitudes toward mathematics and mathematics achievement. Social and Emotional Standards are becoming an important part of students’ educational experience. Students’ poor mathematics achievement at Huntington High School has been topic of interest since 2005 and before. If self-esteem and attitudes towards mathematics have a relationship to math achievement, then Huntington High School could use the way they implement Social and Emotional Standards to also help with math achievement. Students in one high school math teacher’s class completed two likert-type questionnaires. One is the Attitudes Towards Mathematics Inventory (ATMI) and the other Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale (RSE). Students’ semester average and MAPs test scores were collected. Logistic Analysis as well as regression techniques were used on the data collected. The research showed that student’ Attitudes Toward Mathematics had a relationship to students’ semester average. Implying that educators need to consider students’ attitudes toward mathematics as a factor in successful completion of a high school math course.

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