Anticipated Date of Graduation

Winter 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences


Mathematical Sciences

First Advisor

Doug Darbro


Higher education institutions strive to make accurate predictions regarding student achievement. These predictions can lead to productive admissions policies, better initial course placements, greater retention rates, and ultimately higher graduation rates. Current research suggests that cognitive and non-cognitive factors can predict academic success. Using a multiple measures system can provide the most encompassing assessment method for potential student success. Grit is a non-cognitive factor that has recently gained the attention of researchers in its ability to predict success. Grit can be described as a dispositional personality trait that enables an individual to achieve long-term goals despite difficulties that may arise. Dispositional measures are not currently assessed for administrative purposes at Shawnee State University. The goal of this study was to determine if GRIT®, measured by the GRIT Gauge®, is an accurate predictor of academic success for undergraduate statistics students at SSU. This study investigated this topic by developing and analyzing three research hypotheses. The first two research hypotheses used logistic regression techniques to determine if dispositional, situational, and academic measures were significant predictors of final course grades. The third research hypothesis used two-way ANOVA techniques to determine if there was a difference in mean GRIT scores across age, socioeconomic status, and the interaction effect. The results of the data analysis showed that Instinct and Tenacity (subscores of GRIT), age, and high school GPA were predictive of academic outcomes. The results also showed that one of the subscores of GRIT (Growth) had a significant difference in mean for the interaction of subjects' age and socioeconomic status. A few recommendations for future research consist of continued research using the GRIT Gauge including validity and reliability testing, further research predicting academic success using dispositional measures at SSU, and additional investigation of the relationships between grit and ii other factors. As a result of this study, the administration at Shawnee State University and other higher education institutions may be interested in further research regarding grit as a predictor of success.