Wednesday, 4/6/2022

Welcome to the presentations for 4/6/2022!

Click on each presentation title to open the presentation to view the abstract and the recording of the student(s) giving the presentation. You can either watch the presentation on the webpage or you may download it by clicking the download button on the top right of the page.


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A field survey of fungal fruiting body species in Southern Ohio

April Wolfe

Barcode scanner

Alexander Neill
Amber Howell
William Lewis

COVID Issues Facing Nursing: Past and Future of Vaccinations

Avery Booth, Shawnee State University
Taylor Ray, Shawnee State University
Emily Turner, Shawnee State University


Elijah Wickerham
Tyler Cobb, Shawnee State University
Kyle Daniels, Shawnee State University
Tristen Fadley, Shawnee State University

L.J. Emory Publishing Co.: Expansion to U.S. Regional Midwest and The Netherlands

Michael Rose, Shawnee State University
Kevin De Lange, Shawnee State University
Ian Polcyn, Shawnee State University

Music Intervention

Hunter Hoover
William H. Hoover, Shawnee State University

NMR Analysis

Tyson Schmelz

Reducing Socially Inappropriate Behaviors

Morgan Crank

Synthesis of Corannulene

Nathan Taylor
Isabella Moore

The Effects of Art on the Productivity and Mental Well-Being of Adolescents

Bethany Wessel

Traditional vs. Modern Day: Increasing Student Engagement Through Methods of Teaching

Faith Brown