Greenland in Climographs

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An introduction to the various local and regional climates found in Greenland. The Köppen system of classification is used to describe the climates of 16 locations across Greenland. Interspersed with descriptions of climate are highlights of the cultural and economic geography of Greenland. REVIEWS "...Each site's climate is carefully described without being laborious to read or interpret...interesting pieces of information about each site that help reinforce the unique landscape...I recommend the text to anyone hoping to acquire a richer understanding of Arctic conditions." --MARTHA L. HENDERSON, Ph.D., Professor of Geography, Evergreen State College. "...fascinating little book and a great introduction to Greenland for visitors. Excellent non-technical descriptions of climate in major inhabited parts of Greenland, combined with just enough history and cultural lore to provide a feeling for the places and peoples..."--DAVID C. GREENE, Ph.D., Professor of Geosciences, Denison University.

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