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Summer 2021

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Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences



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Douglas Darbro


Autonomous vehicles are an emerging new technology that have sparked the interest of the general public in recent years. Their arrival impacts a wide range of groups, the auto insurance industry being one example. However, many challenges exist that may prevent autonomous vehicles from becoming a part of everyday life. This study aimed to determine factors that influence the acceptance and intention to use autonomous vehicles, as well as provide a discussion on various implications in the auto insurance industry. Participants were recruited to participate in completing a short questionnaire to express their attitudes and opinions about autonomous vehicles. By using factor analysis and regression techniques to perform statistical analyses, results indicated many non-statistically significant results to determine influential factors within the theoretical model presented. These results, however, are only a single data point in time and should not be considered as fact. Many other studies indicated that the factors used in this study showed statistically significant results in determining the acceptance and intention to use autonomous vehicles. Further research can build upon the framework presented in this study to develop a more predictive model in determining factors that influence acceptance and intention to use autonomous vehicles.

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Mathematics Commons