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Summer 2022

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Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences


Mathematical Sciences

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Douglas Darbro


Ever-changing graduation requirements, along with other legislation involving students with disabilities, many schools have started implementing and pushing for more cotaught math classes if they have the means to do so. Certain schools have begun researching and experimenting with different types of co-teaching pairs and models for specific subject areas, including math. This research examines which type or types of students benefit the most from co-teaching in the geometry classroom setting, but also if schools are most effectively utilizing their teachers to receive the most success on the Geometry EOC AIR Assessment, by using Mixed models and Two-Way ANOVA techniques. The results of this study supported that a relationship exists between the specific type of class a student is in and their Geometry EOC AIR Assessment scores, even though students in solo-taught classes had a higher overall average. The study found that geometry air scores for a specific class type are dependent on the type of students that make up the class, and both variables must be factored in to accurately examine student scores. There was evidence found to support that geometry score averages are influenced by type of students or by the teacher the student had, however not enough evidence to support if geometry scores of the students amongst different teachers are dependent on the types of students they have in their classes.

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