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Summer 2022

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Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences


Mathematical Sciences

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Douglas Darbro


This research examines the relationship between community colleges and athletics. There is little research done on the interaction between athletes, on-campus housing, and community colleges. Studies show that the more students are involved in the college, the more likely they are to stay at the school they are at and succeed academically. Little research is done at community colleges because they often lack athletics or housing, but there is a growth in the number of athletic teams in the junior college system as well as the number of schools that provide housing for their students. This research is to help bridge the gap. Community colleges are becoming more sought out by student-athletes because it helps them grow as an athlete, helps them improve their academics, and provides a place for them to play for at least two more years beyond high school.

The data for this study was from Iowa Lakes Community College, a small rural school in Iowa that has both athletics and on-campus housing. Information such as athletic participation, housing status, gender, socioeconomic status, overall GPA, term GPA, and the type of degree being obtained were provided. Using R, the three research questions were analyzed. A multiple regression test, a two-way ANOVA, a one-way ANOVA, and t-tests were all performed to get the results of this research.

The findings of the research show that the interaction between on-campus housing, athletic participation, gender, SES, and degree being sought out are all categorical predictors of overall GPA. There were also findings that the interaction of athletic participation and housing status were not significant predictors of overall GPA, but athletic participation is a significant predictor of overall GPA. It was also discovered that in-season athletes had a lower overall GPA compared to when they were out-of-season.

The implications of the results show that at Iowa Lakes Community College, the student-athletes tend to have a higher overall GPA. This may have to do that the student-athletes tend to feel more involved and a part of the school community. The results also show that there is also a difference for in-season and out-of-season GPAs, which helps bring attention to how students may need more help and attention in the classroom during the time they are competing because they spend a lot of time focusing on how they are competing.

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