Anticipated Date of Graduation

Spring 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences


Mathematical Sciences

First Advisor

Doug Darbro


This study put emphasis on the problem of data management facing the Haitian Government. Such a problem the researcher has addressed with a case study on the calculation method used by the National Office of Identification ( ONI). Since the age voting population deriving from the calculation method used by ONI was an accumulation of those expecting to attain the age voting at time (t+1) adding to those already reached the age voting at time (t) without being exposed to any type of constrains, the goal was to prove how that said population could not have been exempt for haven’t being exposed to any constraints. Using a mathematical model, the researcher proved how the published electorate list by the Provisional Electorate Council (CEP) for the general elections of 2015 and 2016 failing to objectively reflects the age voting population due to lack of data management related to the omission from not subtracting the age voting population on a constant basis from death and migration. Thus, to tackle this problem of data management , the researcher applied simultaneously an exponential equation with death and migration not being computed whose purpose is to validate the calculation method used by ONI, and a difference equation with death and migration computed to validate the hypotheses adding to the path analysis technique to check the type of correlation between each variable. By confronting the respective equations, the results confirmed that the age voting population used by ONI wasn’t effectively subtracted from death and migration while the difference equation (model) as well as the path analysis results proved otherwise. Even though the results of the study exposed the invalidity of that said final list used by the CEP, further research need to be done especially a case study ( at a micro level with a polling center) for a better understanding of the dynamics of the Haitian data management.