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Test Load for Live page
Suzanne Johnson-Varney


The Effect of Biofeedback Therapy and Overnight Splinting on VAS in Patients with Existing CTS Pain
Breanne Fender, Katie Thomas, Kristen Hannon, and Hope Shepherd


Plantar Fasciitis
Jennifer Blankenship, Austin Wilson, Wendy Parsons, and Paris Caudill


Treatment of Greater Trochanteric Bursitis: The Effects of Dry Needling Compared to PNF
Molly E. Thompson, Sophia M. Koucoumaris, Allyson P. Kirkbride, and Lauren D. Glandon


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Sienna King, Amelia Wilson, and Chloe Shasteen


ENGL 2232 Poetry Reading
Sara Gillman, Trevor Bailey, Brittany Ervin, Katie Fannin, Bryce Gambill, Connor Madden, Savanna Nell, Samaher Omrani, Kara Smith, Hannah Walker, and Adrianna Winters

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