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Silhouette (Spring 2005)


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Full Issue

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Spring 2005


  • Advisor: Brian Richards
  • Editor-in-Chief: Jazz Osman
  • Assistant Editors: Jessica Thompson, Taryn Malone
  • Art: Kim Crum, Charlie Haskins, Terry Allen
  • Poetry: Jen Pistole
  • Prose: Melissa Hoople
  • CD: Charles Haskins
  • Layout: Hank Waring
  • Events/Publicity/Distribution: Taryn Malone, Jessica Thompson
  • Staff: Justin Isaac, Phillip Cooke, Shane Henderson, Nathan Marshall

Thank You:

  • Teeny and Eula's Murray Street Pub
  • Elsie Shabazz
  • Mike Barnhart
  • Hank Waring
  • Jynx Jenkins
  • Jason Ellis
  • Tony Dzik
  • Na than Marshall
  • Andy Bentley
  • Ryan Adkins
  • The Black Cat Willies
  • And all those who played for us.

Cover: Concept: Charles Haskins
Photography: Kim Crum

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