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Silhouette Women's Edition: A Woman's Journey (2005)

A Woman's Journey is dedicated to Roberta Milliken, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English at Shawnee State University.

Dr. Milliken, on behalf of the Shawnee State University Women's Forum, we dedicate this special issue of the Silhouette, A Woman's Journey , to you with our heartfelt thanks for sharing your skills and talent for the betterment of women in our university and the community. A Woman's Journey is a fitting tribute to your ski ll, vision, and tireless efforts in establishing the first series of Women 's Studies courses, making the Women's Studies Minor at Shawnee State University a very real possibility in the near future. We support your vision for a university Women's Center which will serve as an information resource and support for all people. We are grateful to you, Dr. Milliken, for choosing Shawnee State University as a part of your own life's journey.

2004 Shawnee State University Women's Forum Steering Committee

The mission of the SSU Women's Forum is to promote, advocate, educate, and support the women of Shawnee State University and the community at large. For more information on the Women's Forum, go to: www.shawnee.edu/comm/wforum. Correspondence should be directed to: Shawnee State University Women's Forum 940 Second Street Portsmouth, OH 45662 e-mail: gmoore@shawnee.edu The Women's Forum gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution from the Shawnee State University Faculty Senate whose financial support made this special edition, A Woman's Journey, a reality.

  • Editor in Chief: Elsie Shabazz
  • Design Editor: Hank Waring

Women's Forum Selection Committee

  • Ginnie Moore -Administrator
  • Tess Midkiff - Administrator
  • Jane Johnson - Adjunct Faculty
  • Debra Knutson - Faculty
  • Shannon Lawson - Faculty
  • Elsie Shabazz - Staff Laura
  • Beth Pottinger - Student

Cover Art: Alissa Bloomfield, Kentucky Sunshine Morning
Cover Design: Hank Waring, Photoshop



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