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Silhouette (Spring 2006)


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Silhouette (Spring 2006)

Silhouette Staff

  • Faculty Advisor: Brian Richards
  • Editor in Chief: Kim Crum
  • Layout Editor: Hank Waring
  • Liaison to the Chronicle: Ray Brown
  • Promotion Manager: Jeff Collins
  • Prose Editor: Derek Dawson
  • Rebecca Cox: Assistant Prose Editor
  • Art Editor: Crystal Redoutey
  • Poetry Editor : Aimee Taylor
  • Assistant Poetry Editor: Elizabeth Rakovan
  • Marketing Director: Amy Abney

The Silhouette is dedicated to celebrating the art and ideas of the students and faculty of Shawnee State University and of the community at large. We welcome submissions of art, poetry and prose.

Office: (740) 351-3689
E-mail: brichards@shawnee.edu
Correspondence should be directed to:
Editor of the Silhouette Shawnee State University 940 Second Street Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

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