Conferences and Symposia

Celebration of Scholarship

The SSU Celebration of Scholarship features students in baccalaureate and graduate programs from different colleges across SSU's campus and visiting from neighboring universities who deliver academic presentations showcasing their exceptional projects.

Students are sponsored by a faculty member and present the results of their original work in oral and poster presentations before their peers, faculty and the public. Students present work related to research in their field, creative work in the visual and performing arts, community service, and study abroad.

The event begins on Wednesday afternoon and includes an honorary dinner for presenters and their mentors (Wednesday evening), and continues throughout Thursday morning. Presentations close on Thursday afternoon, culminating with a university-wide campus event.

Faculty Festival of Achievement (Faculty Achievement)

Begun in 2009 with a handful of professors, Dr. Shannon Lawson started the Shawnee State’s Festival of Faculty Achievement sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Center to highlight faculty research. It has grown into a yearly event to provide a platform for faculty to share scholarship interests with colleagues, students and the public. During the Festival, faculty members give oral presentations about their current research projects, some in progress and some complete and published. Students, fellow faculty members, administrators, and the general public are invited to attend the Faculty Festival.