Welcome to the presentations for 4/8/2021!

Click on each presentation title to open the presentation to view the abstract and the recording of the student(s) giving the presentation. You can either watch the presentation on the webpage or you may download it by clicking the download button on the top right of the page.



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A comparison of Mammal Diversity among Microhabitats in Shawnee State Forest and an Investigation of Trap Efficacy for Small Mammal Capture

Niki Young
Brianna Combs
Emily Dean
Victoria Oehlers

Adapting a Commercially Available Glucose Assay for Use with Chick Embryos

Mallory Spencer
Jacob Cruse

Borrelia burgdorferi Prevalence in Southern Ohio Ticks

Vincent R. Randaisi
Andrew T. Merritt


Toni Veach
Kiana Schackart, Shawnee State University

Exploring Golden Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mallory Spencer

Improving Reading Comprehension in 10th Grade IEP Students Through Implementing Reading Strategies

Victoria May

Lack of Insulin Pump Therapy Knowledge in Hospitals

Joshua Dodge

Online Learning VS Face-to-Face: What’s Effective?

Jordan Howard

Proofs Regarding Independent Random Variables

Franklin Scott Ferrell

Synthesis of Magnesium and Zinc Metalloporphyrins for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Alena Bruening

Taking a Closer Look at Student Participation in the Accelerated Reader Program

Laken Smith

The Male Gaze Theory within Video Games

Erin Rice